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UCS graduates return to their junior high roots to talk about post-secondary success
Group inspire students to pursue their goals through education
Real life visits life skills classrooms
Students interview adults they admire to learn what it takes to be successful
UCS Update - September 13
The latest news from across UCS
Focus on early elementary reading and writing continues in UCS
Increased literacy consultants provide more support for students
Nine UCS students among top one percent of the nation’s seniors
2020 graduates named National Merit Semifinalists

​From The Principal

We would like to thank our community once again for its support of the 2018 bond issue. Over the next five years, bond issue projects will impact Bemis Junior High School, our feeder schools and every school in the district. To provide updates to the community, the district has created an informational page that reports the status of the projects. The site is located at Http:// 

If at any time you have a question regarding the projects and our school, feel free to contact me either through
e-mail, or the
school office (586) 797-2502.

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Week of 9-16-19

New This School Year!

Bemis Staff and Student Identification Card Policy

As a component of our school security and safety procedures, we have purchased and issued lanyards to all students in order for them to wear their school identification cards throughout the school day.  The wearing of identification badges provides a professional setting and promotes College and Career Readiness for all students.  Many workplaces, as well as colleges require the wearing of identification badges as well.  Teaching and support staff have been wearing identification badges, while at school for many years. We are scheduled to begin full implementation of the ID program on Monday, April 15, 2019

Click here for more information on Student Identification Card Policy

As a reminder I am including the following parking lot procedures for your review