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Winter Drop Off and Pickup Reminder
Please help keep our Spartans safe!
Congratulations Students of the Month
Students honored for displaying success skills
Teachers learn the science of bringing language arts into STEM
Learning experience promotes building student skills and interest
UCS senior receives more than $1 million college scholarship offers
Ford II senior gets offers from more than 20 colleges and universities
Math 24 tournament adds up to fun for UCS students
Academically talented and gifted students participated at fourth, fifth and sixth grade levels

From The Principal

​Be On Time
Towards the end of the first semester, some students had difficulty arriving on time at the cafeteria for lunch.  Late students have been warned by Bemis administration and I am reaching out to you for your assistance.  Please remind your student that they are expected to be in each classroom, gym or cafeteria BEFORE the bell rings signifying the start of class/ lunch periods.  Beginning Thursday, January 23, 2020 students who arrive late to the cafeteria will be assigned a specific seat in the cafeteria for the length of the lunch period.  Students who arrive prior to the bell ringing can sit where they choose to sit in the cafeteria, as usual. 
I thank you in advance for reminding your student that they are expected to be in the cafeteria, during their lunch period, before the bell rings.  
Thomas Yaw, Bemis Junior High School Principal

Body Spray/Cologne/Perfume
Bemis Junior High has several students and staff members who have allergic reactions to strong perfumes, after-shave and men’s cologne.  The reactions range from mild to severe headaches that can result in nausea and being sent home from school.  In addition, strong perfume/cologne smells can trigger asthma attacks.  Junior high is filled with a variety of smells ranging from strawberries to Old Spice.  When those smells dominate the hallways, from the application of fragrances during the school day, problems do occur.  We are asking students to put on their favorite fragrance once in the morning before school.  Please ask your student not to bring in bottles and sprays of cologne, after-shave and perfume to re-apply throughout the day.  
Thank you for your support.

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Week of 3-16-2020

Bond Issue Project
Over the next five years, bond issue projects will impact Bemis Junior High School, our feeder schools and every school in the district. To provide updates to the community, the district has created an informational page that reports the status of the projects. The site is located at Http:// 

If at any time you have a question regarding the projects and our school, feel free to contact me either through 
e-mail, or the 
school office (586) 797-2502.

Parking Lot
As a reminder I am including the following parking lot procedures for your review