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Media Center

Media Center Guidelines

No food, gum, candy, or drinks are allowed in the Media Center. 

Technology must be used according to the Acceptable Use of District Technology Policies.

The Bemis Junior High Media Center will be open to students before school Monday through Friday from  8:00 AM – 8:10 AM. 

Computers will be available for students to finalize and/or print any work.  Book check-out will also be open from the middle of September through the middle of May.

The Media Center is a quiet place to do work that cannot be completed at home or in the classroom.  Students need to come prepared to do their work/project in the morning. 

Use of the Media Center and computers is a privilege, inappropriate behavior will result in loss of morning Media Center privileges and the student will not be allowed in the Media Center before school. 

 * Please listen to morning announcements as the Media Center may occasionally be closed.

Checkout Policies

  • Book checkouts are for 2 weeks
  • Flash drive checkouts are for 1 day
  • Reference Material checkouts are for Overnight only (Item must be checked out during 6th hour and returned before 1st hour)
  • Checkout limit is 2 items per student.

Overdue Book Policies

  • Students with overdue items are not allowed to check anything out until the overdue item is returned.
  • Students with overdue items will see a lost book fee entered in PowerSchool.  Books not returned are considered lost and the student is responsible for the cost of the book.
  • Students owing fines for lost or damaged items will have their library checkout privileges suspended until the fine is paid or the item is returned.

Student Book Choices

As a library, we encourage all students to read.  We try to have reading material that will appeal to all of our students.  What may be appropriate for a 7th grader may not be appropriate for an 8th grader and vice versa.  Be aware of what your student is reading.  If you don’t consider it appropriate for your student, simply have your student return the material or materials to the Media Center.