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Bemis Junior High Mission Statement
Our primary goal is to provide a comprehensive educational program, which develops the physical, academic, and social aspects of all children. We believe that a quality education is a collaborative effort, a responsibility shared by the home, school, students, and community. Bemis Junior High School serves as the center of this community endeavor and reach out to our residents to improve the quality of life and learning for all.

Parent Self-Screening Tool 

We appreciate your support and partnership as we make sure our students continue to have a safe and positive learning environment. Each day before you send your child to school, we are asking you to take part in a “screening” process for your child. This screening is for the protection of your child, their friends at school and our dedicated UCS team.

COVID-19 Student Self-Screening Form
Screen your child before leaving for school or sending them to school. If your child shows symptoms of COVID-19, DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL.

Section 1: In the last 24 hours, has your child developed any of the following symptoms that are new/different/worse from baseline of any chronic illness:

• Cough
• Shortness of Breath
• Difficulty breathing
• New loss of smell, New loss of taste

Section 2: In the last 24 hours, has your child developed any of the following symptoms that are new/different/worse from baseline of any chronic illness:

• Subjective fever (felt feverish) or measured temperature 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
• Chills or rigors (severe chills with shivering)
• Headache
• Sore throat
• Muscle aches
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Runny nose or congestion
• Fatigue

If you answer YES to any one of the symptoms listed in Section 1, or YES to two or more of the symptoms listed in Section 2, please DO NOT send your child to school. Self-isolate at home and contact your healthcare provider for direction and a PCR Covid-19 test.

We need you to call the school office and report that your child is staying home due to COVID19 symptoms (Bemis Attendance Line 586-797-2599).

For site locations that offer testing within your area please visit the following website:

Thank you for continuing to keep our students and staff safe.
Working together, we can continue to move forward to our goal of having all students returning for in-person services in our schools.

Bemis Student Photo ID Cards

Ensuring the safety and security for all students and staff is our top priority each day. In an effort to enhance our current security procedures, the wearing of photo identification cards, (referred to herein as “ID cards”), provides a professional setting and promotes College and Career Readiness for all students. The use of ID cards is required at college, university campuses, and in the workplace. Identification of staff and students is an important component of the Junior High School safety plan and cannot be compromised.

Bemis Junior High School Student Identification Card Guidelines and Procedures
One student ID card with lanyard will be provided to every student at no cost. Students will receive a school lanyard and ID card, but they may wear their ID card on a lanyard of their choosing.

The benefits of students wearing a current student ID card:
• Will be identified as a member of the class/school
• May borrow library books (Library is closed this year)
• May obtain early dismissals from the main office
• Will allow movement from the cafeteria during lunch (restrooms)
• May be on the school campus before or after school
• Will move between classes and/or use the restroom during a class period
• Will be able to participate in school activities, assemblies, dances, etc. on the school campus

Student ID Card Guidelines:
A student’s ID card authorizes them to be on the school campus. EVERY student must wear the student ID card while on school grounds.

The following procedures must be adhered to when wearing student ID cards:
• Student ID cards must be worn on a lanyard.
• Student ID cards cannot be worn on a shirtsleeve, pants, outside of pockets, under a shirt, coat, jacket or at the bottom of their shirt.
• The student ID card must be visible AT ALL TIMES (i.e. not kept in a purse, pocket or backpack).
• The student ID card must be presented to any school staff member or person of authority upon request.
• The front and back of the student ID card cannot be altered (i.e. no markings, other photos, etc.). Defacing or altering the student ID is prohibited.
• Wearing another student’s ID card is prohibited.
• Lost, stolen, altered, damaged and/or defaced student ID cards must be replaced IMMEDIATELY.