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Daily Habits
Backpack Policy
Bemis students can no longer carry full-size backpacks during the school day from class to class. These backpacks have become a safety issue in both our hallways and classrooms. Backpacks must remain in student lockers during the school day. If a student chooses to, he/she may carry a nylon drawstring tote from class to class. These hold a maximum of two (2) books and can hang on the back of student chairs. These nylon drawstring totes are available for purchase in our school store, The Pitstop. They are also available at stores throughout the community.

Use of Electronic Communication Devices is Prohibited
The personal use of cell phones or other electronic communications devices (ECD) by students is prohibited at any time while in school or in a district vehicle. Students may carry ECDs during the school day, but they cannot be displayed or used without permission from a teacher or administrator for educational purposes. Personal use of the device shall be limited to the time before and after the school day and only when students are outside the building. ECDs shall not be used during instructional time, lunch, passing time between classes or on any school bus without permission of a school official. The use of an ECD’s picture-taking or internet connection capability is not permitted without permission of a teacher or administrator. Utica Community Schools will not be responsible for the theft, loss or damage of any ECD. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against students who violate the policy regulating ECDs.

If a student’s ECD rings/vibrates during the school day, the ECD will be confiscated and must be picked up in the main office by the student’s parent. Should this occur a second time, the student will receive a one day suspension. If a student uses an ECD anytime inside the school, the ECD will be confiscated and the student will receive a one day suspension.